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Thinking of a fresh new look – a makeover perhaps?

Sometimes a fresh, new look reinvigorates your home, and this is particularly true in the context of bathrooms and kitchens. Whether you wish to modify what you already have, or require a complete overhaul, which could include expanding the size of your bathroom or kitchen, such a development can revitalise your residence.

Furthermore, when it comes to selling your home, a sparkling bathroom or kitchen will invariably go a long way towards increasing the desirability of your property.

Garages – size matters!

Most garages built many years ago are not fit to accommodate modern vehicles – they're simply not big enough. As such, homeowners do not even use them for their intended purpose nowadays – they effectively become elaborate storage units. However, the original structure can be successfully converted within a short period of time, sometimes within a fortnight. It may not be necessary to completely rebuild a garage.

Vehicle garages, constructed using brick or stone, cost upwards of £7,000. However, not only do they provide enhanced levels of convenience and security, but they can also add significant value to your property – several thousand pounds worth of value, in fact.


Proportions should be divine…

With any refurbishment, space needs to be calculated, particularly if it’s a kitchen refurbishment. Appliances and utilities need to be positioned in an efficient way, as will worktops, making best use of the space available. Storage is also an important consideration – items such as cutlery and utensils will all need to be stowed away in conveniently-located draws/cupboards. Safety first!

It goes without saying that safety comes first. However, it’s easy to overlook the practicalities, such as electrical points or gas boiler location, but such aspects are fundamental to the success of your refurbished living space. By altering the positioning of utility points and such like, the overall project cost will inevitably escalate so, where possible, opting for a layout which is conducive to working with what you already have available will be beneficial. In any case, it’s crucial that any work carried out involving such components is undertaken by a suitability qualified individual. For example, modifications or alterations involving a cooker or boiler should be performed by a company that is Gas Safety-registered – formerly known as CORGI registered – like ourselves. This is vitally important.


Don’t let it become draining…

The desired layout of your new room could also, to a degree, be dictated by drainage or plumbing structures.

Indeed, it’s ideal if a refurbished kitchen, for example, does not require relocation of pipes as such alterations will inevitably leave you counting the cost. Also, if added pressure is likely to be placed on your drainage system this will be a hugely important factor, while building regulations may also need to be adhered to, depending on the specific nature of the work to be undertaken.

Close consideration is warranted…

As with a full-on extension, there are factors that need to be taken into consideration when embarking on a refurbishment. You will need to think about what you really want from the area to be refurbished. For example, if it's a new kitchen the positioning of appliances and utilities will obviously be central to the success of the new layout. Drawing upon our wealth of experience,

we can assist you with the design phase, ensuring that we have a full understanding of your requirements and discuss potential obstructions to achieving the desired end result.

A supportive environment…

f your refurbishment is likely to involve extending the room size or requires a wall to be removed to, say, create an open-plan kitchen-dining room structure, this will need to be well thought-out. We can assist you with this process, devising plans and producing sketches of the desired layout, and taking steps to ensure that the current infrastructure is sufficiently supportive to accommodate the new format of your room or rooms.

It may be that reinforcement of the existing structure is required, thus consulting an architect and structural engineer is strongly advised. Again, this is something that we are well placed to provide assistance with.

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