Planning to do a loft conversion in Fulham? Before you decide on that, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. You decided to do loft conversion in Fulham is the right choice because it is cost effective and has a good value for money.

Building Regulation:

Getting approval from the building regulations for loft conversion in London should be your first priority. First know the rules and regulations for a loft conversion in London. There are certain laws like “The right to light” and “The party Wall Act 1996” which includes the permission of the neighbours. Neighbours play an important role during loft conversion. Some loft conversion companies in London helps people finding out these regulations.

Strong building foundation:

The next serious thing you need to make sure is whether the foundation of the existing building is strong enough to handle the loft conversion. When you do a loft conversion it will obviously put on some weight over the building; unless the building is strong you cannot continue with the work. Typical loft conversions like Dormer and Mansard loft conversion adds weight to the building. So it is better to get an approval from the building control officer.

Get multiple quotes:

When you decide to do a loft conversion in Fulham and London, it is good to get quotes from at least four loft conversion companies. Get some few references also and compare the prices. When you have multiple quotes it will be really easy to choose the best. If any of your friends recommend builders for loft conversion, it is good to go for it.

Hope the above points would have been helpful for you. If you have any doubts regarding loft conversion or loft conversion companies and building regulation contact our local loft conversion company in Fulham.