How long will a loft conversion take? This is one of the frequently asked questions by the people. Before starting a loft conversion work, people would like to know within how many weeks a loft conversion company in London can finish the work. Since, people will be anxious to have their newly converted loft. Different types of loft will be completed in different timings.

For instance, Dormer type of loft conversion in Ealing can be completed within 4 – 5 weeks, within those weeks the loft conversion can be started from scratch and can be completed. If you want to add a bathroom and bedroom, the duration can extend up to 6 – 7 weeks maximum. Gable type of loft conversion can be completed within 5 – 6 weeks maximum. There is no specific timing for the completion of loft conversion in Ealing and London. Some loft conversion companies in London can take up to 8 weeks also.

Some say that the loft conversion work can be done within 2 weeks, but it is not possible to complete within that duration; because for plumbing, electrics and plastering itself will take 2 weeks to complete. The work can also be delayed due to bad weather condition, people not turning up to work, house owner’s financial condition etc.
A good builder will stick to his timings. If the deadline is 4 weeks, he has to complete the loft conversion work within that keeping all the factors like weather, money issue etc in mind. There are some highly efficient loft conversion builders in Ealing who can complete their work within the specified date and time.