You decided to extend your home, but what type of house extension in Fulham do you require? Have a look at this article and understand the different types of house extensions in London. The common types of house extension in Fulham and London are:

• Porch
• Conservatories
• Single storey extension
• Multi storey extension


Porches are small and simple structures usually built in front of the house in London. It consists of a door in front and windows at the sides. The exterior matches the rest of the building. For structures like this you don’t generally need a planning permission.


Conservatories is a room with a glass roof and walls, attached to the house at one side and used as a sun lounge in London. It is usually built using Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) but sometimes using timber or aluminium. Conservatories are one of the popular house extensions in London, since it is easy to build and takes a short duration to build.

Single storey extension:

In a single storey extension in London a single floor i.e. only the ground floor will be build may be a basement under that building. It can be built to the sides or to the rear. When you’re building a single storey in London it must not disrupt the neighbours. You need a planning permission to build a single storey but definitely you need building control permission. Another important thing is that the roof must match the existing building.

Multi storey extension:

Multi storey extension is same like single storey extension but with an extra floor. Planning permission is needed since the building structure is larger. The cost will be more compared to the other extensions. House extension companies in Fulham are way cheaper compared to the house extension companies in central London.

Hope this article would have given you an idea about house extensions and types of house extension. choose the suitable one for your house.