Safety is the first thing you have to consider while doing your Loft conversion in Fulham.  Most of the loft conversion companies in Fulham and London consider the house owner’s safety as their first priority. While constructing the loft, the rest of the house should be separated by a fire resisting construction. Fire resisting construction of the loft prevents fire from entering the rest of the house, if there is a fire accident.

There are ways to enable fire safety for your loft:

Escape Windows:

Every loft conversion company in London should make sure they follow the fire safety regulation. An escape window has to be placed in every storey especially on the loft. Now days you get the readymade fire exit windows which you can easily attach. If you are opting for any other windows, it has to have these features:

  • The window has to be open able.
  • The minimum size of opening of the window should be 0.35m
  • The width has to be 500mm and 500mm high.

Fire Alarm:

In London, every loft conversion company knows that according to the construction regulation fire alarms is a must. So all the loft conversion companies in Fulham and London make certain that there is a fire alarm in the house they build. Every floor should have its own fire alarm.


Door plays a significant role in fire safety. These doors must have the capacity to hold the fire for at least 20 minutes. Adding a fire safety door can add extra expense while converting your loft, but it is very essential to have one.  While converting your loft in London it is advised to follow the safety regulation and it will even wiser if you take the advice of the building control officers.