If you are doing a loft conversion in Acton, you should ensure whether your loft is energy efficient.  You can insulate your room-in-the-roof by insulating the roof itself instead of insulating the floor itself. While insulating your loft in Acton, it is usually done by fixing rigid insulation boards between the roof rafters. The insulation boards needs to be in correct size so it can fit between the rafters. After the insulation boards are fixed you can then cover them with plasterboards.  With this your loft can be energy efficient to a certain extent. There are other ways to keep your loft energy efficient:

Solar Panels:  Mostly when you have a loft conversion done in London, it is good to consider a renewable energy such as solar panels. Solar panels are usually done on big scale but it can also be done on small scales to save electricity.

Double Glazing:  Windows are another way of heat loss. So it is important to consider double or triple glazing windows for your loft. Adding windows on the loft can bring in adequate amount of heat and light which will save you more energy.

Proper Lighting: It is good to use light bulbs with low energy. These low energy light bulbs use less electricity and are long lasting. Since the loft has windows it brings in sunlight, so it is clever to use low energy light bulbs which is energy efficient.

Proper heating: Every house in London should definitely have heating. Double glazing and insulation itself store heat in the house but you still need additional heat efficient heating for you loft. Make sure the heater you add should be energy efficient.

Thus while doing your loft conversion in Acton and London you make sure you loft is energy efficient remembering the points above.