Service and materials needed for a loft conversion – Loft conversion Harrow

Before starting with your loft conversion in harrow, you should know the individual estimate for each service and materials you are going to use for your loft conversion. It is important to know all the information about the cost of each material and services.  Most of the loft companies in London can work out the cost of a loft conversion by calculation the number of square feet.


  • Building Control – One of the main elements needed for loft conversion In Harrow is Building Control. The main work of building controlis to ensure that the requirements of the building regulations. Building control in London may cost about  £ 2000 –  £ 3000
  • Surveyor – Surveyor checks the existing building condition, party walls etc. surveyors charge £ 400 –  £ 600
  • Bathroom – If you are in need of a bathroom it can costs about £ 4000 – 7000
  • Other extra decorations – For any extra decoration to beautify the house it can cost about £ 550 –  £ 1500


  • Steel – While doing a loft conversion, steel is an essential material needed. The amount you need to spend for steel alone will cost about  £ 5500 –  £ 10,500
  • Carpentry – Almost all the house in London use wood for the construction of the house. Carpentry work can cost about £ 6500 –  £ 12,500
  • Plumbing – Materials for plumbing like pipes, water line etc. can cost around £ 1000 –  £ 2000
  • Insulation – Since the dominant weather in London is winter, the houses need to be properly insulated. Especially when renovating the loft it has to be fully insulated and has to have a heater or a boiler. The materials for insulation can cost up to £ 300 –  £ 550
  • Electricals – Final work in the house is the electrical work which can cost up to £ 1500 – £